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Thomas Liotti has authored many publications throughout his career...


The Secret Adoption​​

Publication Date: December 15, 2011, iUniverse, Dec 16, 2011 - Biography & Autobiography

​The book may be ordered through, Barnes & Noble,

Just before the death of his parents, author Tom Liotti, legendary lawyer and judge from New York, learned that he was adopted. In his heartfelt autobiography, Liotti shares the amazing story of how this knowledge impacted his life, his work, and his legacy.

Liotti traces the lineage of his parents, Louis and Eileen, and then delves into his childhood. From his first days at kindergarten to being a collegiate swimmer and eventually a famous civil rights attorney, Liotti reveals how his parents always offered encouragement and support through every facet of his life, loved him unconditionally, and shaped his passion for social justice. But it was the discovery of his adoption that altered Liotti's world, sending him down an uncharted path. He began searching for his biological parents, desperate to find his roots and know his heritage.

No matter his findings, though, Liotti realized how each of us has limitless potential and that love has an infinite capacity to change the world. Gripping, honest, and real, The Secret Adoption brilliantly captures one man's incredible journey into the past and speaks to the resilience of the human spirit.

Judge Mojo: The True Story of
One Attorney's Fight against Judicial Terrorism​

​2008, Author. Published through iUniverse (2007).  The book may be ordered through and for $25.95 U.S. 

Chilling and gripping, Judge Mojo tells the incredible true story of a mentally unstable judge who became obsessed with destroying Thomas F. Liotti, a high-profile criminal defense attorney. Liotti relates how Judge B. Marc Mogil suffered from bipolar disorder but refused to take his medication and started referring to himself as Judge Mojo. What began as a simple dispute between the two men soon turned into a full-fledged obsession on the part of Judge Mogil. He threatened Liotti's life and that of his family, stalking him over the Internet and through bar associations until Liotti's life resembled a walking nightmare.

As Judge Mogil's illness remained untreated, his outrageous claims of being a concert pianist and of the ability to fly F-14 fighter jets continued. But it wasn't until he was removed from the bench and disbarred that the damage of his rule became apparent. Liotti objectively shows how the judicial system failed to remove Mogil from his position in the midst of several allegations against him, creating misery for attorneys and clients and pessimism for the system itself.

Through an intriguing mix of legal history, personal insight, and hard facts, Liotti chronicles his bizarre saga and speaks to the abusive power of one judge's corruption

With many reviews some of which include:


The book has been described by Ronald Kuby, Esq., media talk show host, commentator and renowned civil rights attorney as a fascinating and frightening book that chronicles the brave struggle of a prominent civil rights attorney to fight back against a terrorist in black robes.  Judge Mojo provides a terrifying look at what happens when the Judge is angry, armed and psychotic.  A must-read for every law student and every student of the law.


March 5, 2008 appeared on WGBB radio, 1240 AM, Street Wise, the Lou Telamo Show for a discussion about the book. 


By the Book, Widener Law Alumni and Friends Find Success Writing More Than Legal Briefs, a short book review of Judge Mojo in the Widener University School of Law Alumni Magazine, Fall, 2008 at 44 - Equally gripping yet true, Thomas F. Liotti 76's (iUniverse, Inc., 2008) describes the ordeal he and his family underwent after a judge suffering from bipolar disorder went off his medication and set about trying to ruin the life of the high-profile criminal defense attorney. Liotti writes of how the simple dispute between him and Judge B. Marc Mogil - who began referring to himself as Judge Mojo - blew up into a dangerous obsession on the part of the jurist, who threatened Liotti and his family, cyberstalking them and pursuing him through bar associations.  Mogil's behavior remained unchallenged, in spite of such claims as being a concert pianist and possessing the ability to fly fighter jets, until at last he was ousted from the bench and disbarred. Only then did the true extent of the judge's mentally impaired judgment become revealed. Liotti weaves his own awful experience with facts from the record and historical examples to artfully illustrate the danger of judicial misbehavior.

DNA: Forensic and Legal Applications​

2004, Co-Authored, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey

This book includes a foreword by Dr. James D. Watson, the co-discoverer of the DNA double helix and a Nobel laureate, Dr. Jan A. Witkowski. "From the Foreword by Drs. Watson and Witkowski: '"DNA: Forensic and Legal Applications" is a comprehensive and invaluable guide to the field, covering topics ranging from collecting samples in the field to presenting the complex results to a jury. We are sure that it will play its part in promoting this most powerful tool in the forensic scientist's armamentarium.'"DNA: Forensic and Legal Applications" covers the technology and laws related to DNA, as well as the use of DNA evidence in the legal system. This combination of science and law makes it the first comprehensive title of its kind and an appropriate reference for those with both elementary and advanced knowledge of the topic. It draws together in one source information that would previously have required extensive research and reliance on experts to obtain, offering both breadth and depth in a clear style without sacrificing scholarly goals. With material from both scientific and legal areas, "DNA: Forensic and Legal Applications" covers the latest advances in technology. It provides an ideal text for forensic scientists and students of forensic science, analytical chemists, lawyers, judges, police officers, and detectives.


Domestic Violence

2008,  Editor-in Chief, published by New York State Bar Association


A Practice Guide for Village, Town, and District Courts in New York

1995- Present, Co-Authored, published by Lawyers Cooperative Publishing, Rochester, New York (now Reuters Thompson West, St. Paul, Minnesota)



Convictions : Political Prisoners, Their Stories

1981, Co-Authored, published  by Orbis Books, Maryknoll, New York

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