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Our Firm

The Law Offices of Thomas F. Liotti, LLC. has been in existence for nearly forty years. The firm was started by Mr. Liotti as a solo practice in Westbury, Long Island and then Carle Place, Long Island where Mr. Liotti formed a partnership with Peter B. Skelos. Peter B. Skelos left the firm to become a Judge on January 1, 1995. He later became an Associate Justice of the Appellate Division, Second Department. Peter's brother, State Senator Dean Skelos, was Of Counsel to the firm and was at the time, the Majority Leader of the New State Senate.

The firm moved to Garden City in 1990. Mr. Liotti's firm and Mr. Liotti are rated AV by Martindale Hubell Lawyers Directory, the highest independent rating available based upon ability and ethics. From its inception, the firm has concentrated on its primary expertise, trying cases


The Law Offices of Thomas F. Liotti does not charge an initial consultation fee. It undertakes some cases on a contingency fee, which is a fee based upon a percentage of the net recovery, if any. The firm does not make any representations or guarantees of any kind as to the successful outcome or completion of its cases. Except with referring attorneys, the firm does not engage in initial consultations on the phone.

In all cases other than personal injury cases, it generally charges a minimum retainer fee against which hourly rates are applied. The minimum retainer fee is not a non-refundable fee. It is based upon an estimate as to the work required for a portion of the case, usually some of the work leading up to a trial. Trial fees are quoted separately.

The firm also engages in pro bono public work where important public policy and constitutional issues are raised or challenged.

The firm prides itself on developing creative and at times bold solutions to both simple and complex legal problems. It also considers itself to be practitioners of a lost art - trial techniques. The firm is widely known for its devotion to clients and a hard work ethic.

The firm believes, where financially possible, in using a team approach to litigation in order to achieve the best possible results. This often means providing the best legal talent for cases including trial lawyers, experts, juror consultants and an investigator. Crime or accident scene investigations are an important part of the firm's work. Equally important is developing a case strategy and in some cases a budget for cases that meet the client's needs. Case preparation and preparing for a potential trial begins as soon as the firm is retained.

Overall, the firm considers itself to be a public service, consumer oriented firm that strives to use legal skill and expertise to change the law in order to improve society as a whole. The firm generally represents plaintiffs on the civil law side of its practice and defendants on the criminal law side.

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